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Shogun 2 Total War Gold Edition Crack ferhald




Shogun 2 incorporates a revamped multi-core rendering engine, high-end audio and video and enhanced online functionality for better social connections. In addition, an improved AI is able to perform more sophisticated strategic maneuvers and tactics. Tons of new weapons and a completely revamped Mercenary system offer more opportunities to use your very own allies as long as you remain vigilant of your surroundings. Enjoy a much more polished single-player experience. New AI Improvements Warriors are now more intelligent and much better at recognizing when they need to retreat from an engagement and when it’s time to strike back. Even more, they now react more realistically and strategically depending on the situation. They now take into account their position, the terrain and the strength of their opponents as well as many other factors. AI is now more cautious in situations where it seems like they have an advantage and aggressive when the situation calls for it. Warriors now better assess the situation before committing an assault. Their tactical moves are more intuitive and logical. Razor Warriors now react to environmental situations. New Ninja AI improvements include more flexibility, speed, quick thinking and awareness. Multi-Core Rendering Engine New multi-core rendering engine offers noticeable improvements in performance while maintaining the rendering quality and framerates expected from the series. Tons of new weapons 17 new weapons, 2 new special weapons and 6 new sub weapons! We have added the improved Zumi, J-14, Kanabo, A-1 and the Tachigami master swords. These powerful swords can give your Warriors a powerful, immediate edge on the battlefield. A completely revamped Mercenary system The Mercenary system was added in Shogun 1. It's a new feature that allows you to hire allies and make them work for you on the battlefield. The "Mercenaries" are your allies. They fight for you, they help you to build your empire and they are your most important allies! There are three types of Mercenaries you can hire: the first level Mercenary, the second level Mercenary and the third level Mercenary. A new Mercenary system In Shogun 2 you can hire Mercenaries to increase your strength and help you develop a stronger and more powerful Empire. The Mercenary system offers you more opportunities to use your allies as you become more powerful. The Mercenary system is available to you at the most



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Shogun 2 Total War Gold Edition Crack ferhald

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